Database Connection


Connection name The name you give to the connection.
Driver class The Java class name for the JDBC driver. For instance, for a PostgreSQL database, this is org.postgresql.Driver.
Database URL The URL that is used to specify the database connection. It has a prescribed format:
jdbc:driver:<database-name> The string jdbc is fixed. In the example above, the driver is for postgresql. The database address contains the host IP and the port as well as the name of the specific database:
Login Name The name of the user connecting to the database
Password The password required to connect to the database

The tree of the project tab sheet in the navigation frame is used to connect the client to several databases pertaining to a certain project. In the project tab sheet, the individual databases in the subtrees below the project names are displayed by clicking on the plus sign beside any names. The database connection dialog is the same as explained above.

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